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Portway Arundel Multi-fuel Stove MK 3

Flavel Arundel  Multi-fuel StoveBest Seller on the internet  Defra and ECO Design appr..

£576.00 Ex Tax: £480.00

Portway Arundel XL Multi-fuel Stove

 Portway Arundel XL  Multi-fuel StoveThe Arundel XL Multifuel stove makes an instant ..

£849.00 Ex Tax: £707.50

Portway Rochester 5 kw

Portway Rochester  Multi-fuel Stove Defra approved 5 KWwidth  430 mmHeight 638 mmDepth..

£799.00 Ex Tax: £665.83

Portway Rochester 7 kw

Portway Rochester  Multi-fuel Stove Defra approved 7 KW with optional 5 kw reducing brick k..

£849.00 Ex Tax: £707.50

Ekol Crystal 5 Multi-fuel Stove

Ekol stoves are DEFRA Approved/Approved for burning wood in any part of the UK including smoke contr..

£699.00 Ex Tax: £582.50

Hunter Hawk 4 Defra Approved Multi-fuel Burning Stove

DetailsThe Hunter Hawk 4 Multi-fuel stove will fit into a small fireplace whilst still being an effi..

£799.00 Ex Tax: £665.83

Hunter Hawk 4 Double Sided Stove

DetailsThe Hawk 4 Double Sided stoves are perfect for drawing people in from the cold. Choose a sing..

£1,428.00 Ex Tax: £1,190.00

Hunter Herald 4 Woodburning Multi-Fuel Stove

DetailsThe Hunter Herald 4 Wood burning Stove is the most recent stove in the herald range. The Hunt..

£939.00 Ex Tax: £782.50

Hunter Herald 5 Slimline Defra Approved Multi-Fuel Stove

DetailsThe Hunter Herald 5 Slimline multifuel / woodburning Stove is also available as a Wood Burner..

£1,019.00 Ex Tax: £849.17

Hunter Herald 6 Defra Approved Multi Fuel Stove

DetailsThe Hunter Herald 6 Gas stove capitalises on the award winning styling of the Hunter Herald m..

£1,079.00 Ex Tax: £899.17

Hunter Herald 8 Slimline Defra Approved Stoves

DetailsThe Hunter Herald range of multifuel and woodburning stoves have been creatively designed to ..

£1,079.00 Ex Tax: £899.17

Hunter Herald Compact 5 Stove

The Compact 5 is perfect for small and cosy rooms. Just like its ancestors, this one has plenty of t..

£869.00 Ex Tax: £724.17

Hunter Low Output Inglenook Multi-Fuel Stove

DetailsThe new Hunter Herald Inglenook multifuel / woodburning stove is large, low output stove. Und..

£1,549.00 Ex Tax: £1,290.83

Ekol Crystal 8 Multi-fuel Stove

The Ekol 8 Crystal DEFRA Approved stove is a traditional solid cast iron construction hand-made in t..

£799.00 Ex Tax: £665.83

Ekol Crystal 12 Multi-fuel Stove

 The Ekol 12 Crystal DEFRA Approved stoves are hand-made with traditional solid cast iron const..

£999.00 Ex Tax: £832.50